The Value of Nothing

September 4 – November 16 2014, TENT Rotterdam
Opening 4 September 17:00

The Value of Nothing explores the effects and consequences of the logic of the market as the main value system in our society. The market and money are indicators for determining value, but what exactly is measured, and what is overlooked? What are other forms of economic exchange, and what does that mean for the conditions and experience of value manifested herein? Also, how is the value of art determined?

The Value of Nothing brings together artworks that are characterized by critical reflection or content, by just a subtle intervention, or the embodiment of the subject in which various forms of exchange are central. The Value of Nothing shows new and existing work, lets artists test their ideas in practice, and take these practices into the project. It discusses abstract vistas while offering concrete solutions, in order to provide perspectives on a different, less one-sided mode of the value appreciation.

Meschac Gaba, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Iratxe Jaio + Klaas van Gorkum, Priscila Fernandes, Helmut Smits, Gil & Moti, Oblique International, Kym Ward, Roel Roscam Abbing, Weronika Zielinska, Antonia Hirsch, Paolo Cirio, Jonas Staal, Claire Fontaine, Bill Balaskas, Remco Torenbosch, Jonas Lund, ZUS

Jesse van Oosten en Michel van Dartel