April 2011

Let me hold your hand

A monologue on love and loneliness, assembled from internet forum postings that deal with relational problems, played through secondhand telephones

Welcome to Belfast

A movie about the complex representations of the political conflict in Northern Ireland from the perspectives of three foreign visitors. After the peace agreement in 1998, tourism became a developing industry in Belfast. The city had to reconsider its public image. But how can a city with such a history of conflict, that isn't completely over yet, make itself attractive? And what role does the tourist have in the reorganization of this society?

Monitoring the Dordtselaan for Maximum Peace of Mind

Observations from the bedroom window, looking at daily life in the Dordtselaan, a street in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) that has come under heightened surveillance by the authorities due to its reputation as a crime hot-spot.

Fish lives in water

A local language class for foreigners in Luxembourg, presented as a symbolic exchange between communities.

Marea, or the ecological disaster as a cultural and political phenomenon

A mapping of the multifaceted volunteer movement that was mobilised after the Prestige oil spill, describing the ecological disaster as a political and social phenomenon.

Langs de Lijn

A video about teamspirit, competition, health and discipline, within the context of the different (sub-)cultures related to sports and games in a small town of The Netherlands.

Film as fossil

A super-8 movie filmed by a group of tourists in Africa combined with the sound of a telephone conversation between two strangers about looking and being looked at.

A Twenty-Four Hours a Day Revolution

Three persons from Basque Country, wearing a mask, are interviewed about the ethical boundaries of their political commitment.

First prize awarded to Film as Fossil in Made in Video Festival

Film as Fossil creates a visual and auditive play with distance and doubling of gazes. The distance between sound and image, present and future, private and public, black and white, questions and answers. To bridge the distance we are invited to read new meaning into the material. A Fossil - something experienced in the past is hidden and deposited in the film. The memory of the video artist becomes the memory of Holland’s colonial past and in the end functions as an image of our own colonial gaze.
Date published: 
Fri, 09/01/2006