Archive of newsitems - 2007

Quédense dentro y cierren las ventanas - Jornadas Zombie

14-15 December 2007, Seminar, Barakaldo, Spain
"Quédense dentro y cierren las ventanas" is a seminar on consumer society, through zombie movies, within the context of Barakaldo, part of Bilbao's metropolitan area (Gran Bilbao). Developed in collaboration with Consonni. With Laurence Rassel, Jordi Costa, Jaime Cuenca Amigo, R.P. Sephiroth and Gorka.


13 December, 19:30, Centro Municipal Barrainkua Udaltegia, Bilbao
Screening of Marea at the Zinebiclub, in Bilbao (Basque Country)

Screening of "La Commune (Paris 1871)"

21 October, 13:00, at Buro Leeuwarden
Screening of the six-hour long movie by Peter Watkins at Buro Leeuwarden in the context of the project ‘Wolkom yn it Heitelan’. La Commune (Paris, 1871) is a 2000 historical drama film directed by Peter Watkins about the Paris Commune. A few days later we did a small remake, which can bee seen at this webpage.

Wolkom yn it Heitelân

17 October - 28 October, at Buro Leeuwarden
From the 15th September to the 28th of October, Public Interface will create a meeting place for different cultures. The project ‘Wolkom yn it Heitelan’ will function as a think-tank and a platform with the aim to reflect on the topics of cultural identity and migration within a local, Frisian, context. Invited as artist-in-residents to spend 10 days in this project, Klaas van Gorkum and Iratxe Jaio will use the film "La Commune" by Peter Watkins as a basis for discussions and conversations, in which parallels are drawn between the events in Paris and the rise of socialism in Friesland, and its significance for the state of affairs in the Netherlands today.

You can't judge a book by its cover

14:00 - 6 October, at Casco Office for Design, Art and Theory, in Utrecht
Presentation of "Another Publication", a book project around the manifold perspectives on otherness. Twelve writers were invited to write a preface to a possible book on the ‘other.’ We are among the 82 artists that were asked to contribute a cover for this book. Each compilation of texts is framed by one single cover image, each in an edition of seven. The symposium ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’ will launch the book and take the project further focusing on the topic of collaboration. The books will be available to read at Casco from 1 – 7 October.

Seminar: Punto de fuga

27 - 29 September, Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country
Parallel to the exhibition "Meanwhile, in the Living Room...", there will be a a seminar on alternative models for urban planning and social organization. Among those invited to speak are: Martí Manen, independent curator and critic based in Stockholm, Lise Autogena, artist based in London, and Nekane Jurado, economist and member of the activist group for social rights Elkartzen, based in Vitoria. Following the seminar there will be an organised tour around the city of Vitoria, set up as a kind of dérive, in which participants are encouraged to look at the city and its expansion with new eyes, and to share their experience and interpretations with the others.

Monitoring the Robodock Festival

19 - 22 September, NDSM werf, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
"Monitoring the Dordtselaan for Maximum Peace of Mind" is screened at the Robodock Festival in Amsterdam. Be on the lookout for the truck of "Moving Concepts".

“Meanwhile, in the Living Room... (Sección transversal)”

14 September - 4 November, Solo Exhibition, Antiguo Depósito de Aguas of Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country
Meanwhile, in the living room... (Sección transversal)” is the culmination of a project of two years that has been exploring the notion of home against the backdrop of the large-scale urban expansion of Vitoria-Gasteiz, the capital of Basque Country, in Spain. The exhibition will feature the reconstruction of a house that is being built in the suburbs of Vitoria. Assembled like the television set of a soap opera, this installation will function as a framework for the video “Desde aquí hasta ahí” (From here to there), which explores the social rituals of a young couple entering a new stage in their lives, such as the purchase of a house, marriage, or the birth of a first child. These personal experiences are juxtaposed with the distant, god-like perspectives of the growth of the city, as seen by, for example, the politician, or the architect.

Dissecting the ear

Saturday, 9 June - Monday, 9 July at Gallery Sign, Groningen
"Let me hold your hand" is a new installation that we will be showing in Gallery Sign, in Groningen, in the group exhibition "Dissecting the ear", together with: Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec & Bojan Fajfric, Rosa Barba & Jan St. Werner.

Moving in Free Zones

Monday 4 June at 22.00 in Stichting B.a.d, Rotterdam
"Monitoring the Dordtselaan for Maximum Peace of Mind" will be screened within "Moving in Free Zones", An international and cross-disciplinary workshop and a cultural program: a collective process for the urban development of Charlois in Rotterdam South . More information at Foundation BAD

Picture Industries

22 April at 20:30
A Twenty-four Hours a Day Revolution” will be screened at PICTURE INDUSTRIES, in the political cultural centre ACU of Utrecht (The Netherlands).

Jan van Eyck Video Weekend

26 - 28 May 11:00 – 22:30
"A Twenty hour a Day Revolution" will be screened at the Jan van Eyck Video Weekend from the 26th to the 28th of May from 11:00 – 22:30. More information at Jan van Eyck

New monochannel version of "Welcome to Belfast"

The video installation "Welcome to Belfast" has been reedited into a 14 minutes mono-channel version. This video will be screened at the “Ladies & Gentlemen…” exhibition, curated by Neus Miró.

“Ladies & Gentlemen…”

25 January – 1st April 2007
The mono-channel version of "Welcome to Belfast" will be shown at the exhibition in Centre d’Art La Panera. Lleida (Cataluña)