Nobuko Hayashi produces handbound volume for Atlas of a Paper Empire with Henk Roest

For the project Atlas of a Paper Empire we have asked our friend, artist and bookbinder Nobuko Hayashi to produce a handbound volume that could function as a projection screen. Together with the experienced Henk Roest from Boekbinderij Roest, she has realized a tome of extraordinary dimensions. It measures 70cm by 100cm when opened, and counts 540 blank pages that have been sewn together by hand.

The front cover and spine have been embellished with golden letters, bearing the title: Paperezko inperio baten atlasa (Atlas of a Paper Empire, in the Basque language)

The book will be on display for a year at the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian / Donostia in the Basque Country, where a computer will project an animation of the antique maps from the collection onto its pages.