I couldn't believe that anybody could have the same story as me

Returning to Iratxe’s roots in Markina, we developed an installation that examines the contradictions/incongruities between collective and individual identity within an increasingly multicultural reality. The installation is another adaptation of Camilla’s story, a girl who was raised in a Danish family, but who as a baby was originally adopted from South-Korea. We published this story earlier, as a camouflaged intervention in the Gara newspaper, and sent two photographers to capture the printing process.The material was presented in the first exhibition of Uhagon, a disused police station that was turned into the town’s new cultural center. It juxtaposes the highly personal imagery of Camilla’s family life with the rational mechanism of the printing press that multiplied her story for mass consumption.

November – December 2005
Uhagon Kulturgunea, Markina, Spain