May 2011


A videoprogram assembled along themes such as social control, cultural confrontations, urban planning and its consequences for the inhabitants of a working class area in The Hague that was marked for large-scale demolition and renovation.

Objective mirages - Review

I couldn’t believe that anybody else could have the same story as me is the title of the exhibition by Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum at the Uhagon Kulturgunea of Markina. This phrase, drawn from the reflections of Camilla, a woman with South Korean origins adopted by Danish parents, on her childhood memories as a different girl, reveals how identity -taken here to its most narcissist and infantile extreme- is constructed from the notion of Difference and the confrontation with the Other. But, why talk nowadays about what Fredric Jameson calls the “objective mirage”? Hasn’t everything already been said about this subject which, and not only in our own surroundings, has taken on such exaggerated proportions and so much self-complacency?
Date published: 
Sat, 03/12/2005

Bookpresentation ‘Stay Inside. Close Windows and Doors’ at Schijnheilig

Zondag 4 April / Sunday April 4th,  Schijnheilig presents: Bookpresentation ‘Stay Inside. Close Windows and Doors’,
followed by the screening of George A. Romero’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’ (1978).

A night of gore, zombie slapstick and alienated entertainment!

The Gara newspaper printing process

When the Basque newspaper Gara containing the "Camilla" article was printed, two photographers were sent to document the process from layout to print to sale. The photoseries was then reprinted in the following edition of the newspaper.

Ad hoc intervention in Gara newspaper

In 2005 "Camilla" was printed in the Basque newspaper Gara, in the "Ad Hoc" space in the cultural supplement Mugalari, reserved for artistic interventions.

This is not a loveletter

 Flyer Project Seoul Curated by Binna Choi - Maronnier Art Center, Thursday 5 - Sunday 22 August 2004

For this project, twelve visual artists and designers each created a flyer design to be randomly inserted into daily newspapers. In Korea flyers are a highly popular medium for commercial advertising. The flyer is popular among advertisers but notorious among readers. However artistic and appealing they seem in nature and design, when they are delivered, Trojan horse-like, they are perceived as deceitful and intrusive. What is more: there are simply too many of them. This very love-hate relationship brought artists and designers together who read flyers as rich texts for the urban situation and its rich social cultural content. Eight flyers were designed, using all different sorts of visual rhetoric. The flyer, when it is not immediately discarded, may possibly trigger a critical view of reality in the attentive reader (one in five hundred on average) that generates interaction and encounters. Like a love letter, the flyer is sent carefully and secretly; perhaps some reader will sense the essential pleasure it captures.


A fictionalized biography, loosely based on the story of Camilla, a pregnant designer from Denmark, who has been living in the Netherlands for the past eight years.