Welcome to Belfast

A movie about the complex representations of the political conflict in Northern Ireland from the perspectives of three foreign visitors. After the peace agreement in 1998, tourism became a developing industry in Belfast. The city had to reconsider its public image. But how can a city with such a... Read more

Monitoring the Dordtselaan for Maximum Peace of Mind

Observations from the bedroom window, looking at daily life in the Dordtselaan, a street in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) that has come under heightened surveillance by the authorities due to its reputation as a crime hot-spot. Read more

Fish lives in water

A local language class for foreigners in Luxembourg, presented as a symbolic exchange between communities. Read more

Marea, or the ecological disaster as a cultural and political phenomenon

A mapping of the multifaceted volunteer movement that was mobilised after the Prestige oil spill, describing the ecological disaster as a political and social phenomenon. Read more

Film as fossil

A super-8 movie filmed by a group of tourists in Africa combined with the sound of a telephone conversation between two strangers about looking and being looked at. Read more

Langs de Lijn

A video about teamspirit, competition, health and discipline, within the context of the different (sub-)cultures related to sports and games in a small town of The Netherlands. Read more

A Twenty-Four Hours a Day Revolution

Three persons from Basque Country, wearing a mask, are interviewed about the ethical boundaries of their political commitment. Read more