Metropolis M - Artists in Occupy Amsterdam

In deze biotoop van de algehele shake-up van politieke en sociaal-economische sjablonen is de kunstenaarsaanwezigheid meer dan op zijn plaats. De kunstenaars van Artists in Occupy Amsterdam worden gedreven door het idee dat kunst en de samenleving nauw verwant zijn, er een symbiose tussen kunst en maatschappij bestaat.
Autor: Jack Segbars
Gepubliceerd op: 01/11/2011
Gepubliceerd in: Metropolis M
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La producción del valor y sus condiciones

En última instancia, la obra consiste precisamente en la iluminación y el cuestionamiento de una serie de procesos productivos, y no en la glorificación del resultado concreto de tales procesos. Frente a la estetización de lo político que esto supondría, Jaio y van Gorkum proponen una politización de lo estético, que no discurre por el fácil...
Autor: Jaime Cuenca
Gepubliceerd op: 17/05/2011
Gepubliceerd in: A*Magazine, la revista de A*DESK. Dedicada a la crítica y la reflexión sobre arte contemporaneo.
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Maandelijkse artikelen voor Mugalari

Tusen april 2010 en januari 2011 schreven we maandelijks een artikel over de relatie tussen kunst en politiek, voor Mugalari, het cultureel supplement van Baskisch nieuwsblad Gara. Een selectie van die artikelen is nu online te lezen, in het Spaans en in het Engels, op: http://postpolitikak.org:
Autor: Iratxe Jaio, Klaas van Gorkum
Gepubliceerd op: 24/02/2018
Gepubliceerd in: Mugalari, het cultureel supplement van nieuwsblad Gara
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Colectiva, a su pe(n)sar - Noticias de Álava

El germinado por la dupla artística Iratxe Jaio&Klaas van Gorkum se mueve en la difusa relación entre lo público y lo privado, encuadrando las subjetividades colectivas como generadoras de espacio y prácticas sociales.
Autor: David Mangana
Gepubliceerd op: 22/10/2009
Gepubliceerd in: Noticias de Álava
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Stay inside. Close windows and doors - Editorial

The shopping mall is a caricature of the Greek agora, the classical space of democracy. It surrounds the citizens with an illusion of freedom of choice, while discouraging unpredictable behaviour, effectively turning them into passive consumers of their environment. Nevertheless, as other open and multifunctional spaces in the modern city are...
Autor: Iratxe Jaio, Klaas van Gorkum
Gepubliceerd op: 02/06/2009
Gepubliceerd in: Stay inside. Close windows and doors. Consumer society and the zombie apocalypse
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Beatriz Herráez on "Meanwhile, in the living room..."

Depending on what you are after, choose an area, a more or less populous city, a more or less lively street. Build a house. Furnish it. Make the most of its decoration and surroundings. Choose the season and the time. Gather together the right people, the best records and drinks.
Autor: Beatriz Herráez
Gepubliceerd op: 01/09/2008
Gepubliceerd in: Desde aquí hasta ahí
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First prize awarded to Film as Fossil in Made in Video Festival

Film as Fossil creates a visual and auditive play with distance and doubling of gazes. The distance between sound and image, present and future, private and public, black and white, questions and answers. To bridge the distance we are invited to read new meaning into the material. A Fossil - something experienced in the past is hidden and...
Autor: Staffan Schmidt, Kassandra Wellendorf
Gepubliceerd op: 01/09/2006
Gepubliceerd in: Jury report Made in Video Festival
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At Home & Through the Window

Through the scenes in four films, Miren Jaio reflects on the family and the space it adopts as its own, the home and the role of the family institution in shaping the ever fragile and unstable boundaries between private space and public space. The text was written as an accompaniment to the drawings of "Of Mortgages and Marriages" by Iratxe Jaio...
Autor: Miren Jaio
Gepubliceerd op: 01/05/2006
Gepubliceerd in: Meanwhile, in the living room...
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Conversation with Leire Vergara about OpTV

The purpose of OpTV is to act as a window on the transformations that Transvaal is going through, connecting experiences of daily life on the ground to developments in society, and placing them within a broader framework of changing political policies. The challenge is how to achieve this without getting caught up in the problems of misguided...
Autor: Leire Vergara
Gepubliceerd op: 01/06/2005
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Objective mirages - Review

I couldn’t believe that anybody else could have the same story as me is the title of the exhibition by Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum at the Uhagon Kulturgunea of Markina. This phrase, drawn from the reflections of Camilla, a woman with South Korean origins adopted by Danish parents, on her childhood memories as a different girl, reveals how...
Autor: Miren Jaio
Gepubliceerd op: 12/03/2005
Gepubliceerd in: Mugalari, the cultural supplement of the Gara newspaper
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